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Rubbish Bin Removal

Who Can Apply For An Extra Bin?

Items which can not be recycled need to be removed before we can clear the bin. Discover more on our Managing the rubbish in your wheelie bin page. Clean the bin out with disinfectant or bleach as this will help to prevent flies in the future. What you ought to use your green, black, blue and grey bins for. Crucial info about charges for brand new and replacement wheeled bins All bins and bags need to be put out before 0 am on your collection day.

Larger Recycling Bins

Coronavirus COVID bins and waste service interruption In line with our prepared rubbish and recycling collection changes in spring 2020, you will be able to update your recycling bin to a 240 litre blue lidded bin free of charge, more rubbish removalideas through Rubbish Removal In Solihull (

What Can’T Go In The Rubbish Bin

A lot of products, aside from business waste and sharps, that can't enter the rubbish bin can be gotten rid of at your nearby neighborhood recycling centre. An assessment will be required to get a larger rubbish bin.

Find A Tip

You can get rid of your household recycling and rubbish at the Reuse and Recycling Centre

Recycling Team Talks And School Visits

We provide rubbish and recycling collections to all schools in the West Midlands Council location.

Healthcare Waste

See sensible up to waste to find out what takes place to your recycling


So you can be confident that your waste issue doesn't become someone else's.

Bin Collections

Learn your bin collection day and download your yearly bin calendar.

Report A Missed Bin Collection

Report a Solihull based missed bin collection by following our form. Information on organisation waste with and without a carrier licence. Sanitary items are not categorized as medical waste.

Where To Leave Your Bin

This is our Wheeled Bin Policy Please know, if you obtain a second rubbish bin you are confirming that you fulfill the criteria. No bin will be provided if details you supply is not remedy. If you live in a terraced house, please location your bins in the nearby end of the passage or street. Please position your bins out for collection by 0 am on your scheduled day of collection.

Bin Collections During Covid 19

Find out your bin collection day and download your yearly bin calendar. Each family ought to have a Huge Bin for recycling, a Little Bin for waste that can't be recycled and a food waste container.

Report A Missed Bin Collection

Please finish our missed bin collection kind below, if your bin has actually not been cleared on your collection day.

Business Waste

Industrial Waste Solutions supply expense reliable, trusted and ecologically accountable waste management to a vast array of companies.

Excess Rubbish

Attempted and relied on waste collections for your house or company. Find out about our Organisation Waste Collection Service.

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